Basic information flower-kronau hiske  General conditions

Kronau Chalet Resort – our small estate – a private property with summer houses and land for rent. It is managed by DEJAN KOŠIR S.P., a company registered with all the necessary local and state institutions of the Republic of Slovenia for the performance of activities with all permits and responsibility.


The basic information and general conditions are the basis for the rental of our holiday units. This general document, which includes the conditions, definitions, warnings and mutual obligations, is accepted by us as the lessor and you as the lessee as an agreement to be applied in case of disputes as the basis for resolving them.

We kindly ask you to read it carefully before confirming your booking, thus ensuring and acknowledging that you understand the rental of the holiday estate and what to expect.

Eventual legal disputes shall be resolved at the District Court of Jesenice, Slovenia.


Essential definitions

»US« Kronau Chalet Resort, manager of DEJAN KOŠIR S.P. ( tax ID SI52916022 ), Kranjska Gora, Slovenija (lessor), person responsible Dejan Košir (nationality: RS).

»YOU« person indicated on the booking form or main person who shall be fully liable for the “entire group” and full rental period.

»RENTAL PERIOD« is the time of rental starting upon the property being handed over (check-in) from 4:00 PM on the agreed date and ending at 10:00 AM (check-out) on the agreed end date.

»PROPERTY RENTAL« – we rent the property/building and you take it over for use with responsibility.

»BOOKING« is the advance lease of a certain unit/property for a certain period of time. This means that we will close a certain unit on the market for a certain period of time just for you and thus halt the sale. All further enquiries for this period will be dismissed.

When is the booking confirmed? See under: booking procedures.

ATTENTION: The rental price does not include eventual unintentionally or intentionally caused damage.  See: Security under General conditions.

»NO BOOKING« or »LAST MINUTE« lease »from one day to the other« is possible if you contact us one day before the planned arrival. In case of vacancy we will properly prepare the offered unit to you and rent it for the agreed period of time (prior phone call or oral agreement) or immediately if there are vacancies and if we are ready to rent the property right away and in adequate condition.

How to book?

We suggest that you visit our web page in detail, which provides all the necessary information for you to make the right decision.

There are 3 ways to book the rental of our units. In all three cases it is necessary to understand and accept this general document, as specified in the introduction.

  • BOOKING ENQUIRY: with a few more steps this setting enables clearly and easily make a booking following a certain procedure. We will gladly take an additional step and answer your eventual additional questions during the obligatory procedure.
  • BOOK NOW: enables an immediate reservation using an impersonal booking system in basically one step. Booking is possible under specific conditions, 100 % card payment and acceptance of this document.
  • LAST-MINUTE: is a booking via phone »from one day to the other« or rental from today on. See under Essential definitions – no booking (at the top of this document).
How to pay?

We offer 3 payment methods:

  • IBAN bank transfer/payment – our main payment method – bank transaction, it is the safest and most secure manner for both parties involved.
    When you select the option BOOKING ENQUIRY you will follow a predefined procedure and receive the IBAN invoice or 2 invoices for advance payment, which is the basis for your bank transfer/payment to the account of our company DEJAN KOŠIR s.p. with all legitimacy.
    In this option we accept/perform CC payments (card payments) only exceptionally, in case of your express wish or only option. During a phone conversation we will explain the payment procedure to you and send you the »CC payment form« for you to fill out. Should you select this option, an additional 3% will be charged to the agreed amount. After having received the filled-out form with your information we will charge your credit card after the procedure being completed.
  • CC payment – the 100 % card payment will be carried out upon selecting the option BOOK NOW using the »faceless booking« system. See procedure.
    ATTENTION: Read carefully all the conditions (payment, cancellation and other) for making this type of (BOOK NOW) booking.

Cash – we accept all payments on the departure date (remaining amount, tourist tax or full rental payment in case of “LAST MINUTE” option) only in cash.

What do you get from us and our (non-)liability

We will hand over to you a clean, tidy and well-maintained building, in the middle to high category range. All the equipment, furniture and appliances are of good quality and higher price range.

  • We guarantee that the building offers everything as advertised and described in the specifications.
  • We are available for all additional information before the beginning of rental.  We will also respond to all your additional wishes (if outside of what was agreed) before and during the rental, we will answer you and try to accommodate you.
  • All the installed and movable appliances (household, electrical and other) with CE certificates are regularly maintained (some are also regularly inspected by professionals according to the legislation of the RS), are of good quality and are ready for safe use.
  • The kitchen will be furnished adequately with household appliances, dishes, glasses, cutlery, smaller utilities, dishwasher tablets, etc., in accordance with the allowed occupancy.
  • Upon arrival the building will be properly warmed to an adequate temperature.
  • Beds will be made with freshly washed and quality bedding and each person will receive a set of towels. In case of a longer rental (over 10 nights), the bedding and towels will be changed once a week.
  • We provide cable TV (a bundle of 40 domestic and foreign programmes), free Wi-Fi accessible by password – the services are provided by the private service provider Telemach.
  • Garden accessories are also available for use (only in the summer): a table, chairs/deck chairs, sunshade and movable grill/BBQ (upon prior order).
  • Private parking space (2), which will be cleaned immediately after being covered with snow.
  • The price includes: 1x children’s bed with bedding and high chair (if necessary); the option to wash the laundry (in case of rental that is longer than 1 week); logs for the fireplace (only in the winter); power supply, final cleaning (3 nights or longer).
  • We do not answer for any loss, damage or injury caused due to faults/errors or shut down of public utility supply or due to any temporary fault/error in the building, including heating, TV signal broadcast, internet services, or any loss, damage or injury cause due to conditions that are outside our control, including unfavourable weather conditions.
  • The building will be available for take-over and occupation from 4:00 PM on the agreed first day of booking up to 10:00 AM in the last day of rental.
  • We currently do not request any security, however, we will charge possible damage made intentionally or unintentionally to our property.
Your responsibility

The buyer rents and thus obtains the use of the building of 1st category for a determined period of time.

  • You will pay the agreed rent as defined in the described procedures with the specified or agreed payment method.
  • Delay in any payment will result any our booking cancellation (unless otherwise agreed – as specified in the procedures).
  • Upon taking over the building and settling in, having read the general house rules, you are fully liable for proper management of this property, furniture, coverings and all the equipment. You will hand over the property in the same conditions as when you took it over.
  • We recommend that during your stay you act as not to disturb your neighbours, with respect to the environment and in accordance with the public order and peace. Activities contrary to the law, local decrees or applicable regulations in relation to health and fire safety will not be allowed. Violations of these conditions will result in the immediate termination of the rental and seizure of all payments. The property or premises may be used exclusively for residential, accommodation purposes. Parties, meeting, etc., are strictly forbidden.
  • You are obliged to immediately inform us about any deficiencies, faults or failure of the equipment, devices or appliances so that we can repair or replace them in the shortest time possible,
  • You will enable maintainers, cleaners, the owner’s representative and the owner a reasonable and appropriate access to the property for repair and maintenance purposes.
  • The number of allowed persons must not exceed the maximum allowed occupancy or the number of booked people or as otherwise agreed. Due to our responsibility for registering guests, only persons registered at the address may stay in the unit.
  • You are liable for your own accommodation, including any physical injuries due to inappropriate or irregular use of the property, appliances … and for your own belongings and items.
  • The use of the property is allowed only to the persons who rented it and nobody else (hypothetically – third party).
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the building (even with a window open in a certain room).
  • Waste is to be appropriately separated and disposed of in a dedicated area. A partnership public service will collect it for recycling on a weekly basis.
  • You will follow check-out instructions a day before the planned departure, as specified in our procedure or as agreed.



Prices and surcharges

PRICES of our price lists are expressed in EUR (€) and are VAT inclusive (9.5%). The local tourist tax (€ 2.50 for persons over 18 and € 1.25 for persons between 7–18, per person per night) is not included in the rental price, neither are other services.

  • These prices are applicable only if the booking is made directly with us using one of the three offered methods.
  • Prices or the final price, when the rental/booking is made via other providers (our partners) may be higher due to eventual other included surcharges, service costs, additional commissions, etc.

ATTENTION: In addition to a possible different price we would like to warn you about eventual additional conditions of these providers when booking!


  • Local tourist tax: € 2.50 for persons over 18 and € 1.25 for persons between 7–18, per person per night
  • Each person above the allowed occupancy is charged as follows: € 20 + tourist tax per night
  • Dogs – upon agreement we accept small, pet dogs (up to 5/6 kg):  € 8 per night
  • Washing laundry is possible in case of rentals over 10 nights (free of charge for the first time):  € 8
  • Final cleaning:  € 50

Booking payment condition

  • When you select the BOOK NOW (see procedure) option:

By booking in this manner you will be immediately charged via our system (your credit card) for the entire amount (100%). You will pay the tourist tax on the day of departure in cash.

  • When you select the BOOKING ENQUIRY (see procedure) option:

After your booking or alternative offer being confirmed, you will receive our confirmation/temporary booking and the 1st IBAN invoice for advance payment in the amount of 50% of the final rental price with the payment deadline of 5 business days. After the payment being carried out (when funds arrive on our account), you will receive our official payment and booking confirmation.  5 weeks before your arrival we will send you a 2nd IBAN invoice for advance payment in the amount of 20% (or 50% if the guest wishes to pay for everything via bank transfer in order to avoid paying the last 30% in cash on the day of departure) to be paid up to 4 weeks before arrival.
You pay the final 30% + local tourist tax € 2.50/1.25 or only local tourist tax on the day of departure by receiving the original final invoices (cash only).

ATTENTION: We consider your failure to pay the amount (unless otherwise agreed) within the specified/agreed period of time as your cancellation. From this point on your booking will be VOID. See the cancellation policy below.

For bookings within 4 weeks before arrival we issue only one IBAN invoice for advance payment in the amount of 70% of the final rental price. The difference and the local tourist tax is to be paid on the day of departure in cash by receiving the final invoice.

  • When you select the LAST-MINUTE (see procedure) option:

You will pay the full final amount (100%) as agreed plus tourist tax on the day of departure in cash.

Security deposit

Currently, we do not charge in advance or deposit certain amounts in case of damage suffered, however, we will charge you for (major) damage caused intentionally or unintentionally to our property. The property is not insured for your actions, for which you assume full responsibility (the prices of damaged items may be higher than their purchase prices).

Cancellation policy

By booking for a determined period of time the unit closes on the market, consequently all other enquiries will be rejected or potential bookings of other clients/guests cannot be realised positively for us. In case you are not sure in the final purchase or “lease of the date” you may try the “last-minute” option and call us a day or two before the planned arrival or you may insure yourself appropriately.

If/when the 2nd IBAN invoice for the advance payment was issued and the payment obligation was not settled by the payment date, we will notify you accordingly and prompt you to do so by the new payment date. Should you still fail to fulfil your payment obligation (unless specially or otherwise agreed; delay due to third party), we will consider this as your cancellation. From this point on your booking will be VOID.

ATTENTION: If the 2nd IBAN invoice for the advance payment was not issued, the difference up to the final amount, as per the confirmed offer, is to be paid together with the tourist tax on the day of departure.

Later arrivals or early departures (unless agreed otherwise) as booked due to reasons specified in the introduction do not change the final price.

When/if there is not arrival on the booked day of arrival (unless otherwise agreed in advance), we have the right to offer the property on the following day. A final invoice will be issued (no-show) with already included funds, taxes and without the tourist tax. In this case the client will not have the right to any refund or redemption of already paid funds.

In case of any cancellation (in writing or automatic, if the payment obligations are not fulfilled), the already paid funds will be retained and will not be reimbursed.

Any (only) written cancellation will be assessed in accordance with our cancellation policy and rules describe herein.

You may redeem paid-up funds (only if justified and as specified below, if…) in the second, agreed period of time, in accordance with our availability and ability, if:

We will try to the best of our abilities to make this rental period available on the market again. Should we be successful to make this rental period (“your “leased date”) available again by additional advertising, etc., you will have the right to a refund of your paid funds.  We will inform you about the situation immediately, when/if we successfully rent the period or part of it. In case of an unsuccessful re-rental we do not refund any funds.

ATTENTION: The amount of the funds may be reduced by “out-of-pocket” costs ( 50€ ), various expenses that we could incur due to searching for alternative guests, including any additional costs of advertising, possible discounts for late booking and any reduced rental payment for a shorter reservation in this period.

In case of our cancellation (extraordinary situation when due to specific and particular circumstances we are unable to provide you the agreed accommodation) we will immediately refund all the paid-up funds.

ATTENTION: Extraordinary unexpected situations or special circumstances are, for example, earthquakes, floods, etc.


We recommend that you get comprehensive travel insurance, including the cancellation coverage, insurance of personal effects and public responsibility.

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