KRONAU CHALET RESORT a boutique Chalet complex, offers you unique Alpine homes, with all comfort and an additional offer for your quality holidays.

flower-kronau hiske  PRICES 2023/2024

( Prices are per a night, in Euros, VAT included; Tourist tax/Municipal Tax not included )

Important information


  • During the Season A ( high season ) and the major part of the B Season ( middle season ), when holidays, striking dates, important events and the most requests… we rent all our Units with prices ( as seen from our pricelists ) for a certain permissible occupancy  – starting with – “up to 4 persons” and more …
  • Rental, with Chalet Bled prices ( when, actualy a demand for “up to 3 people” – which is permitted for occupancy for this prices ) is possible also with other units in season C and partly season B, but depending on demand ( the length of the lease ) and availability
  • Any selected unit ( or unit as agreed ) can be rented also, only by 1 person or 2 persons …
  • During Season A and most of the Season B we rent our units in principle only weekly; Saturday – Saturday or Sunday – Sunday; or, the “minimum stay” is at Season A / 7 nights, Season B / 5 nights and Season C / 3 nights ( for 1 or 2 nights we do rent only exceptionally )
  •  Municipal Tax, its not included in the price ( 1,00€/7-18; 2,00€/18+ )
  •  One child under 3 years of age, is free of charge ( baby-cot included )
  •  Arival from 15:00 PM on… ; Departure latest at 10:00 AM; or as agreed
  • We reserve the right, to replace you to the other unit ( as otherwise agreed  ) in exceptional cases, what is noted in the price lists – under footnote
  • We reserve the right to change prices ( agreed prices as per a offer and lease, remain unchanged )
Useful informations


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