Winter activities

Winter activities

flower-kronau hiskeWinter activities

Kranjska gora offers: skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and ice skating.


kronau flower faviconSkiing/snowboarding

Ski slopes in Kranjska Gora include 16 km of ski runs on the slopes of Vitranc. The village lies close to the ski area so that you practically can join it just few steps away from the parking. The tracks are daily prepared, a special offer however represents a new snowboard park for those who are a little bit more courageous.
The ski slopes are adequate for enthusiasts, beginners and families while those who want more can test the runs of the every year organized World Cup in Alpine skiing.
Kranjska Gora also offers night skiing on the slope of Dolenčev Rut and an organised pre-school care for children.
In the village there are also several ski schools for those who are looking for ski or snowboard lessons and more rental shops where you can choose the necessary equipment for your recreation

Ski resorts around Kranjska Gora:

pika-kronau-16-16 Smučišče Arnoldstein in the borders with Italy and Austria, 20min. drive
pika-kronau-16-16 Višarje-Monte Lussari, ski resort Tarvisio Italia, 27 min. drive
pika-kronau-16-16 Sella Nevea/Kanin, ski resort in Slovenia and Italy, 38 min. drive
pika-kronau-16-16 Gerlitzen, in Austria to the north of Villach, 38 min. drive
pika-kronau-16-16 Nassfeld,  ski resort in Austria close to Hermagor, accessible also from the Italian side.
pika-kronau-16-16 All ski resorts have parking
pika-kronau-16-16  Tickets for all ski resorts can be bought in Kranjska Gora

kronau flower faviconCross Country

For cross-country skiing there are more than 50 km of tracks passing by Podkoren and leading further to Rateče from where you can continue on the Italian side or on a slightly more challenging track to Planica and Tamar; for sure you will not regret it because the nature here is almost untouched.

kronau flower faviconSledding, skating and snowshoeing

Sledding is possible on the well prepared sledding area which is separated from the ski slopes.
You can choose also sledding at night with torches, snowshoeing and touring (mountain skiing). These activities are organized and managed by the local travel agency.